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Revenue and Regulatory Assessment Reporting

Guidance for submitting regulatory fees and financial reports related to water districts and water utilities.

Water and wastewater utilities collect Regulatory Assessment Fees from retail customers. These fees were first authorized in 1993 to finance state regulatory programs. Investor-owned utilities, water districts, water supply corporations, and certain counties are required to collect the assessment from retail customers and send the amount collected to the TCEQ.

See an explanation of Regulatory Assessments Collected by Retail Public Utilities (RG-199) Adobe Acrobat PDF Document .

New Online Reporting Tool

TCEQ has transitioned Regulatory Assessment Fee (RAF) reporting from a paper report, with manual fee calculation, to remittance through the online Single-Use Non-CROMERR Submission System (SUNSS).

SUNSS offers utilities:

  • online revenue reporting,
  • auto calculated fee, and
  • seamless transition from online reporting to online payment with credit card or electronic check (ACH) through TCEQ's ePay, or invoice by mail for those who prefer to pay by mail.

For instructions on using the new online system, download the RAF SUNSS User Guide Adobe Acrobat PDF Document .

Report your revenue and remit payment: https://www.tceq.texas.gov/goto/sunss/

For Calendar Year 2017, utilities will have the option to use paper reports or the online reporting system.

Starting for 2018 Calendar Year, TCEQ will no longer be using paper RAF reports. Payment is due January 30th of the following year.

Although supervision of public water utilities has transferred to the Public Utilities Commission, the TCEQ will continue to collect regulatory fees on behalf of the PUC.

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Yearly Financial and Annual Reporting

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