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Occupational Licensing

Find requirements for training providers; for a renewal, a new, or replacement license or registration. Register to take an exam, and find training and continuing education courses.


NEW The OSSF Site Evaluator (SE) written exam is now exclusively administered via Computer-Based Testing (CBT). As of 4/1/2024, all applicants for a new SE license are required to take the hands-on practical skills exam at the conclusion of the course. After passing the hands-on practical skills exam, applicants can submit an application through OLEA to get approval to take the SE written exam at an approved CBT center.

Conditional approval and course registration confirmation are no longer necessary. Anyone registered for a SE training course after 4/1/2024, that has applied for conditional approval, will be sent a deficiency letter.  Anyone that took the exam prior to 4/1/2024, and did not pass, must contact TEEX to take and pass the hands-on practical skills exam before taking the written exam via CBT.

NEW Occupational Licensing is currently working on a rulemaking project to amend 30 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Chapter 30, Occupational Licenses and Registrations, to implement changes to statute made during the 88th Legislative Session and to incorporate additional recommended changes. For more information, please visit the Rulemaking webpage.

NEW As of April 1, 2024, resiliency training will be required for ALL water operators. In response to Winter Storm Uri and Senate Bill 3 from 87th Texas Legislature, TCEQ has implemented a resiliency training requirement to address preparing for, preventing, and responding to weather emergencies and power outages. For details, please refer to the Guidance for Resiliency Training Requirements for Water Operators and Training Providers, (RG-637).