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Occupational Licensing Provisions for Veterans and Military Service Members and Spouses

As of Sept. 1, 2015, military service members, veterans and military spouses will receive extra accommodations for obtaining, renewing, and retaining a license issued by the TCEQ.

Initial License Application Fee

You may be exempt from the $111.00 application fee for your initial license if you are:

  • a military service member, veteran, or military spouse whose military service, training, or education substantially meets all of the requirements for a license; or
  • a military service member, veteran, or military spouse who holds a current license issued by another jurisdiction with licensing requirements substantially equivalent to those for the license in Texas.

Per rule, military spouse applicants would qualify for the fee waiver. The waiver is either meet all other requirements or applying for reciprocity.

Renewing an Expired License

An active duty military service member, who was deployed out of state, may renew a license within two years of returning to Texas by completing a renewal application with the renewal fee and submitting a copy of the military orders verifying military service during the time the license expired.

Expedited Application for License

The TCEQ will process and review as soon as practicable an application for license from a military service member, veteran, or military spouse.

Proof of Military Service

To receive these benefits, supply a Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD-214) or Active Duty Report paperwork (DD-220) with your application.

Licensing Requirements

See information and requirements for a license.

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