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New Licenses or Registrations

Applying or re-applying for a new or occupational license or registration, how to pay, what to do if you're licensed in another state, request a replacement copy of your license or registration, and how to submit a criminal history form.

Individual Licenses

Requirements for Each License Type
Links to requirements for each type of license the TCEQ provides, how to comply with TCEQ, and maintain your license.

e-app for licensing. Apply for an Individual Occupational License Online
Find out how to apply and pay for an occupational license with e-Application.

Submit Your Criminal History

A criminal history form is required with all applications. Individuals who believe that they may be ineligible to obtain an initial license due to a conviction or deferred adjudication may request an evaluation of their criminal conviction history prior to applying for the license.

If You're Licensed in Another State

Reciprocity for Your License from Another State
Requirements to obtain reciprocity for a license from another state, territory or country.


Get a Replacement Certificate for Your License or Registration Adobe Acrobat PDF Document


How to Pay for Your Registration

Pay Online for Your Registration Using ePay.