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Emergency Response

Responding to natural disasters, spills, and other environmental emergencies or situations.

Note: No license from or registration with us is required of companies or individuals that offer services or products related to spill cleanups or emergency response.

GI-636 TCEQ Support in an Emergency (Infographic)

Spills, Discharges, and Releases

See how to report an environmental emergency, discharge, spill, or release to the air. Find links to rules, laws, technical assistance, and options for managing the related wastes.


When a cyclone strikes, we prepare guidance on environmental issues in the affected areas. Use this guidance to ensure safe drinking water and to comply with environmental regulations if your county is affected.


Droughts call for well-considered decisions about using water. Find information about public water system status, priority calls on water rights, and more.


Tornados produce a great deal of debris in a densely focused area. Find information about managing debris from the aftermath.


Find information from the TCEQ and other agencies about disposing of debris from a wildfire while protecting your health and the environment.


Steps and resources for ensuring safe drinking water and managing debris in the aftermath of a flood.

Winter Storms

Information on TCEQ response to past winter storms.

Emergency Response: Technical Assistance

Our Emergency Response Team offers monitoring, oversight, and technical and regulatory help.