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Licensing Exams

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Note: TCEQ is monitoring COVID conditions and hopes to resume offering paper licensing exams in Regional offices this fall. Landscape Irrigator and Site Evaluator exams will continue to be administered through TEEX.

Additionally, paper exams will be available at various special events where TCEQ staff are present to administer exams. Special Event dates and locations will be displayed when registered for an exam through LEXR.

Preparing for a Licensing Exam
Suggested materials to study in preparation for your occupational licensing exam.

Register to Take a Computer Based Test (CBT) - additional testing fees established by each CBT center may apply.
CBT exams at TCEQ approved test centers provide immediate exam scores and exam analysis feedback. Some test centers may offer one immediate retest on the same day.

Register online to take a paper exam at one of 16 TCEQ regional offices.
Register in Licensing Exam Registration (LEXR) to take a paper-based exam at one of TCEQ's regional offices or Special Event where TCEQ staff are proctoring an exam.

Find Exam Information by License Type
This page lists all the available Occupational Licensing exams available by location.