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Water District Database (WDD)

Data, reports, maps, and reference materials of use to water districts in Texas.

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What is the Water District Database?

The Water District Database does not contain analyses of water quality for public water systems. See the Drinking Water Watch database to learn more about the quality of your drinking water and your public water system's compliance with state and federal regulations. The Water District Database (WDD) is a collection of data from water districts and public drinking water systems that submit information to the TCEQ. Use WDD to search for the names of districts, their addresses, the counties in which they are located, status of their applications, or maps of their service areas. The WDD also provides a report showing the status of TCEQ reviews of engineering plans and exceptions for public water systems.



To have a better understanding of the WDD and how to successfully navigate it, use the Guide to the Water District Database.

Our database is updated weekly. With millions of records in it, you might find some information that is out of date or missing. If this happens or you have questions please contact us.

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