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Water Districts: Applications, Forms, Guides, and Rules

Rules governing Water Districts in Texas. Forms and publications to assist with creating and managing Water Districts.

Submitting District Applications

Each application for a creation of a district, a conversion of a district, and/or a request for additional powers (including road powers) filed with the TCEQ will be required to include a list of each Senate District and House District in which the district is located (or proposed to be located). Additionally, documentation will be required to be provided demonstrating that the applicant and/or petitioner has also notified each Senator and Representative in whose respective Senate and/or House District the district is located (or proposed to be located) of their filing of one of the aforementioned applications. Failure to do so may cause delays in the application being declared administratively complete.

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HOT Application Submittal Process

TCEQ is encouraging districts to submit applications to the Districts Section electronically. The TCEQ will continue accepting physical copies of applications if electronic submittals are not possible.

Submitting Electronic Files

Some electronic submittals require large files. Although most engineering firms have a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site, we are requesting that you use TCEQ’s FTP site. Please submit the file(s) with some standard bookmarking. The engineering report, attachments, and contract documents should be submitted as separate PDF documents. Each section of the engineering report, each attachment, and each section of the contract documents should be bookmarked in the PDF documents for easy accessibility.

You can for access to and information about our FTP site, which includes information on how to create a free account.

Applications should include:

  • Cover letter;
  • The ePay prof of payment;
  • Expedited review form, as necessary;
  • The board resolution; and
  • Standard application requirements;

Application documents should be uploaded to the FTP site and shared with Please do not include copies of checks in the documents uploaded to the FTP site.

The FTP site will allow you to edit the response message. Please include in the message, the district’s name, type of application (bond, surplus, etc.), the amount of the request, as applicable, and the contact information for the person submitting the application. Please ensure that your documents are labeled appropriately with the name of the district and the nature of the document.

Please be aware for some submittals staff may need to request physical copies of certain documentation. If warranted, staff will work with the applicant to determine an acceptable means of having the files delivered.

Physical Submittals

If applications must be physically delivered, ePay is the recommended form of payment for all applications. Applications should be addressed and mailed as follows:

District’s Section, Building F
12100 Park 35 Circle
Austin, TX 78753

Applications may be hand-delivered but must be delivered to the Building A Security Desk. Please address them in the same manner as above.

For questions on the application submittal process please email 

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Requesting an Expedited Review

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Resources for Districts

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Financial Forms, Guides, and Reporting Requirements

If you don't see the publication you are looking for, see our TCEQ Publications Catalog.

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Rules Governing Water Districts

The following rules related to Water Districts are a part of Title 30, Texas Administrative Code.

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Contact Water Districts Staff

Contact TCEQ Water Districts Staff