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List of Texas EnviroMentors

List of environmental professionals who volunteer to help small businesses and local governments with compliance issues.

If you think you might qualify for EnviroMentor assistance, please Contact a Small Business and Local Government Assistance Specialist in the TCEQ region where you are located. A specialist will provide you with the necessary paperwork and get you started. Then, the EnviroMentor coordinator will review the information and match you with an EnviroMentor whose expertise matches your needs.

List of Texas EnviroMentors:


EnviroMentor Name


Ibrahim Abdulrazzaq


Isaac Aboulafia, P.E.


William Abshire

Crossroads Utility Service

Jesse R. Alonzo

Texas AgriLife

Jaime Arpero

JRA Training and Inspection

Therese Baer, P.E.

Baer Engineering

Michelle Belco, J.D., Ph.D.


Michael R. Bagnasco, P.G.

Besar Environmental

Jason Biemer

Erich Birch, P.E., J.D.

Birch, Becker and Moorman, LLP

Nolan Blundell

 City of Moulton

Danny Brevard, P.G.

Accent Environmental

Neftali Buenrostro


Curt Campbell, P.E.

Westward Environmental

Al Capps, P.E.


Jennifer Carter


Ches Carthel, P.E.

Carthel Engineering

Doug Carvel, P.E.


Brad B. Castleberry, J.D.

Lloyd, Gosselink Law Firm

Lauren Caudle

Bluebonnet Consulting

Steven C. Caudle

KSA Engineers

Gene Chisum II, R.S.

Rusty Combs

Trinity Green

Tim Crosswhite

City of Lubbock

Kimberly Dennis


Ross Doctoroff

Phase Engineering, Inc.

Cathy West Dougherty, P.E.

Dougherty-Sprague Environmental

John Dupont, Ph.D.

DHL Analytical

Larry W. Duty

E-Lab Data Consultants

Lisa Dyar

Winstead PC

Al Espinosa

All Bout Compliance

Elda Espinoza

Brownsville PUB

Eddie Ficker

App Geoscience

Brad Flack


Stephen Forbes, P.E.

Forbes Engineering

Eduardo Francisco, Ph.D.

EMF Consulting

Casey Frizzell

Capitol Environmental

Environmental Law Dept.

Norton Rose Fulbright Law Firm

Patricia Frost, P.G.

Shaw Group

Kat Galloway

Arcadis U.S., Inc.

Jose Garza

Frank Tejeda Center

Frank Gaudet

AZZ inc

Carol Gensweider


Phillip Givens

Superior Water Mgt of Texas

Craig Gonzalez

Urban Infrastructure Group

Rob Gough

Anadarko Petroleum

Russell Grubbs

City of Nacogdoches

Billy T. Gueringer

Land o Lakes Purina

Rosalio Guillen, P.G.

D & H Petroleum & Env. Services

S. Elwood Halterman, Jr., P.E.

David Hanawa


Rhonda Harris, P.E.

Pro-Ops, Inc.

Amy R. Hesseltine, P.E.

LNV Engineering, Inc.

Joe Hines

City of Harker Heights

Jack P. Holmes

EH & S Systems

JD Holt

Anadarko Petroleum

Larry Hornby


Steve Howard

ACS Engineering Group

David C. Hudson


John Hudspeth, P.E.


Andrew Hunt

Crossroads Utility Services

Russell Ide

Valley Solvents

Grant A. Jackson, P.E.

Naismith Engineering

John M. Jansing, Jr., P.E.

TRE & Associates

Becky Johnson, P.G.

Breitling Consulting, LLC

Jeffrey D. Jowell

Pennington Seed

Steve Kennedy, CEM

ETTL Environmental Consulting

Nancy Klaes

Martin Resource Mgt Group

M Fred Krch, P.E.


Danielle Kurek

Air Medical Group Holdings

Jeff Lane, P.G.

C-K Associates

Sheri Larson, P.G.

Parker-Leigh Environmental

Jennifer Lasseter


Eugene R. Lindemann, Ph.D., P.E.

Lindemann Engineering

Wesley Lloyd, J.D.

Naman, Howell, Smith & Lee

Cimber Mabe


Peter Macler, P.E.

P. Macler and Associates

Arthur Malone

Chem Environmental Services Inc

Mike McGinness


Richard Medina


Therese Mehta, P.E.


Lisa Mensing

City of Richardson

Angela Miles

Talon LPE

Juliana Morelli, P.G., R.E.M.

Atkins Global

Keith Muhlestein, Ph.D., P.G.

Muhlestein & Associates

Lisa Murphy, P.E.

Hill Country Environmental

Brandi K. Naughton

Weston Solutions

Kim Neighbors & Staff

Zephyr Environmental

S. George Newsome, Jr., P.E.

SOUTEX Surveyors

Clayton Nicolardi, P.E.

LNG Environmental & Engineering, LLC

John Nieto

Ascend Performance Materials

Charles Ouseph, Ph.D., P.E.


Chris Parker

Bhaskar Patel, P.E.

B. Harmon Engineering

Charles “Chas” Payne

Elim Industries

Larry Peyton

Peyton and Associates

Antonio Quintanilla

Environmental & Safety Solutions

Michele Rawleigh


Lindsey Renfro

Hill Country Environmental

Roger Reyna

Benton & Associates

Raymond Reynaud

Verde Environmental

Malcolm Richards

SE Touchstone

D. Earl Richardson

City of Corpus Christi

Drew Roberts

Combined Consumers SUD

Albert S. Roco, P.G.


Maricia Rodgriguez

Zapata Economic Development

Mark A. Rodriguez

Environmental & Safety Solutions/El Paso

Gerald Roehrig

Roehrig & Associates

Mark Roetzel, P.E., R.S.

MR Consulting

Mark Routon


Jeremy Rowden, P.G.

Rowden Consulting, LLC

Jessica P. Ruiz

Askenvironmental, Inc.

Paul Sarahan

Thompson & Knight

Paul Scheel

Blue Water Environmental

Kent Schuster, J.D.

J. Kent Schuster, Attorney at Law

Grace Segovia

City of Pharr

Karen Siddall

Jennifer Sinopoli, P.E.

EOG Resources

William Smalling, P.E., J.D.

Air & Waste Engineering

Jenny Lee Smith

Cobb & Counsel

Robin Smith

RMS Interests

Gary Sober, R.S.

Byo-gon, Inc.

Donnie Stanton

City of Beaumont

James K. (“Jim”) Stewart


Ghulam Sumdani

Don’t Mess with Texas Water

Joe Thaxton

United Water

Everett Timmons

American Water Resources

Angel Tomasino, J.D.

Attorney at Law

Rosa Laura Torres


Polly Vann

V-Tech Environmental Services

Jose A. Vazquez


Jessica Verdinez


Charles (“Chuck”) Vokes

City of Cleburne

Gunter Warncke


Monique Wells

CIC Environmental

Michael Whitehead

W & M Environmental

Henry Wied

Red River Authority

Ron Wilkins

RSR Corporation

James Wilson


Rosemary Wyman, P.G.

Baer Engineering

Karen Young

Young-Baccus Environmental, LLC

Where can I find more information and assistance?

The TCEQ's Small Business and Local Government Assistance Section offers free, confidential help to small businesses and local governments working to comply with state environmental regulations. Call us at 800-447-2827 or visit our Web page at