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Petroleum Storage Tanks (PST): Compliance Resources

Information and forms for small-business owners and local governments who operate petroleum storage tank (PST) facilities in Texas.

Petroleum Storage Tanks (PST) Facilities: Compliance Resources


Hot Topic Gasoline dispensing facilities (GDFs) may begin the process of removing Stage II equipment on May 16, 2014 providing that all other requirements for decommissioning have been met, including appropriate notification. Owners and operators of GDFs must submit the Decommissioning Notification Form Adobe Acrobat PDF Document to the local TCEQ Regional Office 30-calendar days before any physical decommissioning activities begin.

Owners and operators of GDFs that elect to continue with their Stage II equipment can do so, but must continue to test, repair, replace, and maintain the Stage II equipment in accordance with current Stage II requirements.

All decommissioning must be completed by August 31, 2018.
Operator Training – The TCEQ passed new rules in 2011 that set Aug. 8, 2012, as the deadline for UST systems to have designated and trained Class A, Class B, and Class C operators.
The following link will open an interactive Inventory Control worksheet for non-blended fuel systems. Please download the worksheet to your own computer to use it. The worksheet is to be used in correlation with the EPA's booklet titled Doing Inventory Control Right For Underground Storage Tanks. Adobe Acrobat PDF Document  Exit the TCEQ



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