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RENEW Success Stories

How businesses used RENEW to help reduce waste and improve their bottom line.


Since 1989, the more than 500 RENEW exchanges have:

  • diverted more than one billion pounds of materials for reuse or recycling by industries;
  • saved facilities more than $27 million in disposal costs; and
  • helped facilities earn close to $15 million (since 1996) from the sale of recyclable materials.

RENEW Success Stories

A chemical manufacturing plant transfered 18,000,000 pounds of heavy oil type by-product to a fuel blending distributor. The chemical company earned $1,000,000 in revenues for sale of the by-product which would otherwise be stored at the facility and eventually go to a waste management facility. The by-product is blended with other liquid hydrocarbons by the distributor and sold to power plants to be used as fuel.

* * *
A manufacturer of valves and pipe fittings sold 8000 lbs of brass chips from machining and grinding operations. The chips were used by the purchaser as an absorbent material. The chips generated $300 in revenue, but more importantly avoided $6000 in disposal costs to transfer it to a landfill.

* * *
For the past eight years, a wire-cleaning company and a chemical company have conducted an ongoing exchange of sulfuric acid. The wire-cleaning company uses the acid to remove rust from wires. The sulfuric acid (less than 51 percent) is then sold to the chemical company, which uses it to produce ferrous sulfate (a chemical commonly used to control wastewater odors). The wire-cleaning company saves disposal costs and even generates revenue from selling the acid, while the chemical company saves money by using non-virgin material to make a product. This eight-year exchange has resulted in the reclamation of 99,232,000 pounds (49,616 tons) of sulfuric acid, saving the generator approximately $2,515,000 in disposal costs and earning more than $315,000 in revenue over the past three years.

* * *
A chemical manufacturing plant avoided disposal costs of $15,000 for incineration of 110,000 pounds of plastic waste. They sold the plastic to another company who used the material as a fuel source and earned $2,000 for the sale.