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Buy Recycled

Tools for citizens, businesses and governments to find and purchase products with recycled content.

Buying products with recycled content makes the recycling process sustainable. When you purchase recycled-content products, you increase the demand for recycled materials. As a result, manufacturers continue to use recycled materials in their products, and recyclers continue to have a market for their materials. 

Texas state agencies are required to give preference to certain recycled, remanufactured, or environmentally sensitive products as first choice purchasing options. "First choice" products include re-refined motor oil, and recycled-content paper products.

The links compiled here take you off the TCEQ Web site. (Exit the TCEQ) If you encounter a broken link, please contact us by calling 512-239-3143 or sending an e-mail to

State of Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

State agencies are encouraged to use the comptroller's Centralized Master Bidders List for purchases. Private entities are also encouraged to seek out vendors on this list.

U.S. General Services Administration

The Sustainable Facilities Tool (SFTool) website offers interactive, useful guidance and tools for facility managers, procurement professionals, and a number of other individuals.

Purchasing Resources

  • TxSmartBuy: An online ordering system for state and local government agencies that uses competitive contracted vendors. TxSmartBuy assists users with single transaction options for many different materials.

Government Resources

Civic and Environmental Organizations



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