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El Paso Plating Works

No further Superfund environmental response actions are required at this site where a metal plating company operated in El Paso, El Paso County.

Site Summary

The El Paso Plating Works (El Paso Plating) site occupies 0.25 acres at 2422 Wyoming Avenue in El Paso, El Paso County, Texas. The business operated from the mid-1950s until closing in 1995. Former operations included plating chromium, zinc, silver, tin, nickel, and copper finishes to different metal components.
During the early 1990s the El Paso Public Utilities Service Board issued violations notices to the company asserting that the facility produced excessive chromium and nickel wastewater discharges. The facility was also investigated by the TCEQ .

Cleanup Begins

From October 1996, through March 1997, the Emergency Response Branch of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency conducted a removal action, removing 4,500 gallons of liquid oxidizer and corrosive wastes, and 100,000 pounds of oxidizer, corrosive sludge and other solids. 
In 1999, the EPA notified the TCEQ that there would be no further federal Superfund remedial action at the site and referred responsibility of further cleanup to the TCEQ.

Superfund Registry and Investigation

The TCEQ proposed the site for listing on the state Superfund registry in 2000 and designated commercial or industrial as the appropriate land use.
From 2001-2003, the TCEQ conducted removal actions  which consisted of removing asbestos, demolishing the building, and excavating soils contaminated with metals and cyanide. Verification testing demonstrated that the removal action addressed the soil contamination and that no further remedial action was needed for the soils.
Groundwater monitoring revealed volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including tetrachloroethene (also known as perchloroethylene or PCE) that exceeded protective concentration levels established by the Texas Risk Reduction Program. In 2012, the PCE was determined to be from an off-site source. In 2014, monitoring indicated that the VOCs in the groundwater no longer exceeded regulatory action levels.
Notice has been filed in the real property records in El Paso County stating that no further remediation is required as long as the property is not used for residential proposes.

Current Status

Cleanup is complete. This site needs no additional state Superfund environmental response actions.

Site Specific Information

Type of Facility: Metal plating
Location: El Paso, El Paso County
Latitude: 31.777585° N
Longitude: -106.466307° W
Site Phase: Cleanup complete
State Superfund Registry Status: Proposed to registry
Media Affected: Soil
TCEQ Region: El Paso - 6
Funded by: Hazardous & Solid Waste Remediation Fee Account

Contact Information
Superfund Project Manager
Omar Valdez
512-239-6858 or 1-800-633-9363

Superfund Community Relations Liaison
John Flores
512-239-5674 or 1-800-633-9363

Records Repositories

El Paso Public Library
501 North Oregon
El Paso TX 79901
915- 543-5433

TCEQ Central File Room
12100 Park 35 Circle Building E,
First Floor Room 103
Austin, TX 78753
512-239-1850 (fax)