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Point Source Emissions Inventory

Information on emissions from large industrial sources.
Point Source Emissions Inventory
Summary data and other information related to the TCEQ's Point Source Emissions Inventory.
Reporting EE-SMSS Activity
Update to rules requiring annual reports on emissions events and scheduled maintenance, startup, and shutdown activities.
SIP Section 185 Fees
Information regarding rulemaking and implementation related to Section 185 of the Federal Clean Air Act (FCAA).
Point Source Air Emissions and Air Inspection Fees
This page provides information on the Air Emissions Fee and the Air Inspection Fee. The TCEQ assesses and collects these two fees annually. If a site is subject to both the emissions and inspection fee, only the higher of the two fees is assessed.
Emissions Inventory Extracts for Electronic Reporting
This page houses the extract files used by customers to electronically submit their 2015 Emissions Inventory.