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Corpus Christi: Contacts and SIP-Related Links

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Designated Air Quality Planning Group

Pollution Prevention Partnership Exit the TCEQ
Trent Thigpen, Program Manager

The Pollution Prevention Partnership (P3) started in 1995 to address air quality issues in Corpus Christi. The Pollution Prevention Partnership delivers a broad range of environmental assistance programs and services including environmental education, pollution prevention, and environmental compliance assistance to citizens, schools, businesses, industry, and governments throughout the Coastal Bend. 

City of Corpus Christi Environmental Services Department Exit the TCEQ
Sharon Bailey Lewis, Environmental Program Specialist

Corpus Christi Metropolitan Planning Organization Environmental/Air Quality Studies Exit the TCEQ
The Eight-hour Ozone Flex annual reports include ozone monitoring data and analysis in the Corpus Christi Urban Air Shed, detailing the effectiveness of voluntary and mandatory control measures, and the latest information on implementation of control measures.

Corpus Christi Air Quality Group
Gretchen Arnold, Chairperson
The Corpus Christi Air Quality Group is a community based group of volunteers representing elected officials, large and small businesses, public agencies and utilities, universities, and citizens. The group’s diverse talents and backgrounds has resulted in scientific modeling, research and identification of ozone causing emission sources, development and implementation of emission reduction strategies, public health research, outreach and education initiatives for the Corpus Christi Urban Airshed. The Corpus Christi Urban Airshed, comprised of Nueces County and San Patricio County, contains a large urbanized area with a number of industrial point sources of air emissions and a growing concentration of mobile sources. Control of ambient air quality requires a strategy that considers sources of air emissions in both counties.