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Track Status of Complaints

Find out the status of environmental complaints, whether currently under investigation or resolved.


The TCEQ places a high priority on response to citizen complaints. If you file an environmental complaint with one of our regional offices, we will investigate the complaint according to established criteria for prioritizing, and will provide you with a report on the outcome of our investigation.

You can find the details of a complaint incident, or our investigation of that incident, by accessing the link above.

You can view the definition of a term you may not be familiar with by clicking on the question icon question.gif next to that term.

Please Note: The Date Range search may not return data for complaints received prior to November 25, 2002. Please use another search parameter to retrieve those complaints.

Also, because of short delays in data entry, a complaint may not be entered until a few days after it is actually received. If you have trouble finding a complaint, try searching a wider date range.

Make an Environmental Complaint
A complaint under TCEQ jurisdiction may be submitted 24 hours a day.

How the TCEQ Handles Environmental Complaints
Explains our process for handling environmental complaints.

Track Complaints and Enforcement
Track the status of complaints and pending enforcements actions.

The Enforcement Process: From Violations to Actions
Explains the various phases of action that can occur when environmental violations are found. Includes discussion of notices of violation, notices of enforcement, agreed orders.