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Source Water Assessment and Protection Program

Source Water Assessment
Program that fulfills 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments requirements for TCEQ to assess every public drinking water source for susceptibility to certain chemical constituents.
Source Water Assessment and Protection: What's the Connection?
Explains the important interconnections between these two aspects of protecting community water supplies.
Source Water Protection
Support offered to public water systems to identify and implement measures that will protect their sources of water from contamination.
What Information Does My SWSA Provide?
Explains the information that may be obtained from your source water susceptibility assessment.
SWSA Result Interpretation
Explains the meaning of high, medium, and low in the context of a source water susceptibility assessment.
How to Interpret SWSA Maps
Information on how to read the SWSA maps. Explains the colors and circles on the maps.
Map Resources
SWSA Approach and Methodology
FilePSOCs: A Detailed List
Potential Source of Contamination Types and Subtypes: Detailed Listing, Descriptions and Applied Contaminants.
FileParticipants in the Source Water Protection Program
List of current participants in the TCEQ's Source Water Protection Program.
Best Management Practices: A Tool for Protection
Best Management Practices (BMPs) used by the Source Water Protection Program are tools for providing source water protection. These preventive measures provide cost-effective solutions for maintaining water quality.
FileExample Contingency Plan for a Public Water Supply
An example of an important component of a source water protection program.
FileSWP Sign
TxDOT-approved sign for designating a source water protection area.
Finding Information about Water Wells in Texas
Links to resources that can help you locate information on water wells.
Public Drinking Water Source Locations: Checking and Maintaining Accuracy
How to make corrections to locations, how to map new locations, and tips for accurately mapping locations.
FileSWAP Program Strategy
The EPA-approved strategy developed by the TCEQ for source water assessment and protection in Texas.