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Submit Public Water System Plans for Review

This page contains information about submitting your plans to TCEQ to be reviewed before construction begins.

No person may begin construction of a public drinking water supply system until the TCEQ determines that the system is financially stable and technically sound, and can supply adequate quantities of safe drinking water. Public Water Systems must notify the TCEQ about any proposed new system or significant changes to existing systems.

TCEQ reviews are based on the requirements in the Rules and Regulations for Public Water SystemsExit the TCEQ in the Texas Administrative Code, Title 30, Chapter 290, Subchapter D.

Submit Your Plans and Specifications

Plans, specifications, and related documents must be prepared under the direction of a licensed professional engineer. All engineering documents must have engineering seals, signatures, and dates affixed in accordance with the rules of the Texas Board of Professional EngineersExit the TCEQ

Please submit all information electronically via email to An electronic submittal is preferred, and a follow-up hard copy is not required. However, the reviewer may call and request a hard copy to facilitate review. All documents must be in Acrobat PDF. Please submit flattened PDF documents with all comments/markups deleted and no password protection. Please submit one pdf per document (cover letter, plans, specifications, engineering report). If the pdf is large, please break it into a couple of smaller documents.

Please submit the following items:

  • Cover letter
  • TCEQ Submittal Form 10233
  • Engineering report (if necessary)
  • Sealed engineering plans and specifications
  • Well completion data (this is for well use completions only)

For proposed new systems also submit the following:

  • NEWapplication/pdfSubmittal for a New Proposed Public Water System Checklist
  • Core data form (TCEQ-10400)- Please use the most recent version and include latitude and longitude coordinates in Item 27
  • Financial Ability Form (TCEQ-20841)
  • Financial Statements (see checklist)
  • Business plan (community systems only)
  • Request for service (1/2 mile and 2 miles for community systems)

To submit electronically, please prepare all of the applicable documents noted above as you normally would:

  • Sign the cover letter
  • Scan the cover letter and other documents:
  • Send via email to
  • TCEQ’s firewall prevents files from being accessed from Dropbox links. TCEQ maintains a secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site for transfer of files that are too large to be emailed to and from the TCEQ (files larger than 25 MB). For information regarding the FTP site, please see the following website: Files uploaded to the FTP site should be shared with

In the cover letter, please clearly indicate the best email address to contact you with any questions about your submittal.  

There are no fees associated with this review.

If it is not possible to submit electronically, then please mail your completed package to:

Plan and Technical Review Section
Water Supply Division MC -159
P.O. Box 13087
Austin, Texas 78711-3087

You may submit files on a flashdrive, please provide documents in Acrobat PDF (flattened with all comments/markups deleted and no password protection), with one folder for plans and another folder for specifications. If submitting plans on paper, 11 x 17 is the smallest format that allows for sufficient detail. All new proposed systems will require two copies of all documents if submitting hard copies. In lieu of submitting two copies by mail/delivery courier please provide one hard copy of all material and a flash drive with all the submitted documents including the cover/transmittal letter.

Get the Forms and Checklists for Submitting Plans or Specifications for Public Water Systems that you need to prepare your submittal package.

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Radionuclide Testing Required for Well Completion

Several areas of Texas have groundwater with elevated radionuclide levels. Determine if your county is one where radionuclide testing is required in order to receive interim approval for drilling a well.

For guidance on conducting this testing properly, see Radionuclide Testing for Interim Approval of Well Completion.

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Status of Reviews in Progress

To view the status of plan reviews, go to the Water Districts Database and select the "Reports" menu. Then select "PTR Plan Review Report" from the drop-down menu, then choose "Select Report."

When you see the question "Are you ready to process the report?" select "Yes." It may take several minutes for the report to download. application/pdfDownload illustrated instructions for accessing the report.

The report will show all plans that have been submitted and whether they (1) have not yet been assigned, or (2) are currently under review. The plans are listed alphabetically by the name of the water system.

If you have questions about the status, please e-mail us at and refer to your project's log number.

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For more information, e-mail us at or call us at 512-239-4691.

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