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Rainwater Collection and Treatment

The Texas Water Development Board and Take Care of Texas both offer guidance for rainwater harvesting.


The Texas Water Development Board has information about rainwater harvesting.

If you are thinking of using rain as a source of water—and especially if you intend to use it for drinking, cooking, or washing dishes—you should ask these questions first:

  • How much rain falls in your area?
  • How much area can you use to collect rain?
  • How much water can you store?
  • What kind of water treatment will ensure that it is safe to use?

The Texas Water Development Board has more information about harvesting rainwaterExit the TCEQ


Take Care of Texas offers free publications regarding rainwater collection and harvesting for landscaping.

Helps you maintain a healthy yard, save money, and take care of our state's varied landscapes.

Homeowners and landowners can build simple or complex systems to capture, store and use rainwater to water their landscape plants.

Visit Take Care of Texas Publications for information on how to order. Exit the TCEQ