The NSR database, also referred to as the NSR Information Management System (IMS), is another important tool that provides easy access to historical and current logistical permitting information for agency staff and the public.

For NSR permit reviewers, this database provides an authorization history for specific facilities and sites. It allows the permit reviewer to see what facilities have been authorized, the mechanism for authorization (i.e., permit, amendment, permit by rule, standard permit, etc.), and authorization/issuance dates. All of this information is important when reviewing pending authorization requests and evaluating the cumulative effects of contaminants during the technical review.

Information in the NSR database is also used to develop reports that allow division management to keep permits on track and notify elected officials and the public regarding facility and site-specific information.

Title V

The Title V database, also referred to as the Title V IMS, contains quite a bit more detail than the NSR IMS. It contains extensive administrative and technical information, including all emission units authorized by the permit and detailed information about each emission unit. In addition, the database includes the entire permit to date.

The database is an important resource, as it gives the division the ability to develop reports to extract specific information to help keep permits on track, inform the Texas Legislature, and inform the public regarding important dates relating to comment periods, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) review, and public petition periods.