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Transportation Control Measures (TCMs)

Information and links to documents about measures to control emissions from vehicles.

Transportation Control Measures (TCMs) are control strategies under Texas’ State Implementation Plan (SIP). This page provides information and downloadable documents on this control strategy.


Area(s) affected: 

Houston-Galveston-Brazoria (HGB), Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)

Start date: N/A
Expiration/End date: None
Applicability Period: Year-round
Source type: On-road Mobile Source
Emissions targeted: Nitrogen oxides (NOx), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
Rule/Citation: N/A

Description: Transportation Control Measures are transportation projects and related activities that are designed to achieve on-road mobile source emission reductions and are included as control measures in the SIP.

Examples that have been, or will be, implemented in the Dallas–Fort Worth area include: intersection improvements, grade seperations, signal improvements, high-occupancy-vehicle lanes, freeway-corridor management, park and ride lots, travel-demand management, ped-bike facilities, rail, and vanpool.

Associated SIP Revisions

As TCMs are voluntary and implemented largely at local levels, no rules have been written by the TCEQ for these measures. The most recent SIP revisions in which this measure shows up are listed below.

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Title Date Log Number Associated SIP
Adoption April 15, 2005 N/A TCM Substitution for HGB April 2005
Adoption Jan 14, 2004 N/A TCM Substitution for DFW Jan 2004
Adoption Dec 6, 2000 2000-011-SIP-AI HGB SIP Dec 2000
Adoption May 3, 2000 1999-068-SIP-AI TCM SIP May 2000
Adoption Apr 19, 2000 1999-055-SIP-AI DFW SIP Apr 2000


Amy Muttoni
Air Quality Division, TCEQ
Phone: 512/239-6351