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Public Notice to Boil Water

Template for mandatory language for public notice to boil water because of known or suspected contamination of supply. Add incident- and system-specific information to obtain the complete notice. Links to step-by-step instructions for complying with public notice rules. Links to same template in Spanish.

To comply with the requirements for issuing a “boil water” notice to your public water system’s customers:

  1. Add the name of your water system and other incident-specific information to the mandatory language in this template:
  2. After you have filled in all the blanks, print the template out. This is the mandatory language for your notice.
  3. Following the instructions for your type of PWS, deliver this notice to your customers:
  4. Now that you have notified your customers, complete the appropriate form found here: and submit the certificate and a copy of your notice to us as indicated on the form.
  5. For requirements for issuing subsequent notices, check the instructions for your type of PWS:
  6. Once all the conditions requiring the boil water are remedied, you should rescind the boil water notice. Here is Mandatory language:

If you have questions about this procedure, contact us.