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Small Water System Security Program Award

Criteria for this award program. Water systems that have won this award. How to qualify for this award. Nomination form.

This award program recognizes PWSs that serve 3,300 or fewer persons and have developed and implemented enhanced security measures.


To receive this award, the PWS must meet these criteria:

  1. Has developed and implemented a comprehensive Vulnerability assessment.Exit the TCEQ
  2. Has developed and implemented an emergency response plan (ERP). This ERP includes generator specifications, and these specifications have been supplied to our Public Drinking Water staff.
  3. Is enrolled in TxWARNExit the TCEQ (the Texas Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network) or RWEACExit the TCEQ (the Rural Water Emergency Assistance Cooperative). We encourage water systems to enroll in as many of the free mutual aid networks as possible, but a PWS must be enrolled in either TxWARN or RWEAC to be considered for this award.
  4. Has had no major violations or enforcement actions against it in the year for which it is recognized.

Past Winners of the Small Water Systems Security Award

  • City of Bayside
  • City of Lorenzo
  • City of Woodsboro
  • East Bell WSC
  • Goliad Water Supply Corporation - Berclair Water System

Congratulations to each of our winners!

How Can My PWS Become Eligible for This Award?

Start with the Security Vulnerability Self-Assessment Guide. If you need help completing this assessment, contact our Public Drinking Water staff and ask to speak to a member of the Drinking Water Protection Team.

Also, if your PWS hasn’t joined TxWARNExit the TCEQ, RWEACExit the TCEQ, or both, enroll now!