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How to Apply to the Public Water System Awards Recognition Program

A community public water system (PWS) may apply to any of the program awards listed if they meet all of the applicable Criteria listed for each ward type.

Small Water Systems Security Program Award

Substantial Source Water Protection Program Implementation Award

Innovative or Proactive System Award

Outstanding Public Drinking Water System Award

Outstanding Cross-Connection Control Program

The easiest way for a PWS to qualify for one or more of these awards is to complete and submit the application form. Use the version that is most convenient for you:

Save it to your computer, complete the application, provide all supporting documentation, and save it again.

Choose one: Send by email, submit it by fax, or submit by mail to the address below

E-mail: pdws@tceq.texas.gov with "PWS Recognition Application" in the subject line.

Mail: PWS Recognition Program - MC 155

        Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

        PO Box 13087

        Austin, TX 78711-3087

Fax: 512-239-6050 with "Attn: PWS Recognition Program" on the cover page.

If you have questions about the nomination process, contact us and ask to speak to the PWS Awards  Recognition Program manager.

Deadline: Application and all supporting documentation are due May 31st to be considered for the award during the annual Public Drinking Water Conference for that calendar year.