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How to Apply to the Public Water System Awards Recognition Program

A community public water system (PWS) may apply to any of the program awards listed if they meet all of the applicable criteria listed for each award type.

Award Categories


The easiest way for a PWS to qualify for one or more of these awards is to complete and submit the application form.

  • Form 20294: Public Drinking Water Recognition Application

Fill out the application and attach supporting documentation and email the application to the TCEQ.

Submit Application

E-mail: with "PWS Recognition Application" in the subject line and attach the Application form and any supporting documentation. 


If you have questions about the nomination process, contact the Emergency Preparedness and Response staff and ask to speak to the PWS Awards Recognition Program manager.

Deadline: Application and all supporting documentation are due May 31st to be considered for the award during the annual Public Drinking Water Conference for that calendar year.