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Small Water System Security Program Award

Criteria for this award program, how to qualify for this award, link to the application form, and link to previous recipients.

This award program recognizes public water systems (PWS) that serve 3,300 or fewer persons and have developed and implemented enhanced security measures.

Public Drinking Water Recognition Application Form Microsoft Word Document


To receive this award, the PWS must meet these criteria:

  • Has attended a security training within the last 12 months. Training can be from FEMA, EPA, TCEQ, TDEM, TEEX, TRWA, or a recognized entity that provides training on security topics. Topics can include: Cybersecurity, Homeland Secuity, NIMS ICS, Recovery for Public Works, and Disaster Management for Public Services. Free trainings are listed at:
  • Has developed and incorporated measures to improve the security of their drinking water system such as installing cameras, motion sensors, improved lighting, an emergency alert system, coordinated with local law enforcement or a neighborhood wtch group to improve the security of your water system. Submit photos or name, title, and contact information of individual who can confirm security measures.
  • Is enrolled in TxWARNExit the TCEQ (the Texas Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network). We encourage water systems to enroll in as many of the free mutual aid networks as possible, but a PWS must be enrolled in TxWARN to be considered for this award. Submit documentation demonstrating registration with TxWARN. This is a free service.
  • The PWS has had no violations of the primary drinking water standards, enforcement actions, or unresolved violations from the Water Supply Division or from the Office of Compliance and Enforcement during the recognition calendar year.
  • PWS has not received this award in the last two years.

How can my PWS become eligible for this award?

Start by reviewing the Criteria and submitting documentation to suppport each Criterion, contact our Drinking Water Special Functions staff and ask to speak to the Public Drinking Water Awards Recognition Program manager. 

Previous Award Recipients

Also, if your PWS hasn’t joined TxWARNExit the TCEQ , enroll now!