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Cross-Connection Control Recognition Award

Public water systems that protect their distribution system from contamination may be eligible for an annual award. Criteria and how to nominate your PWS for the TCEQ's Cross Connection Control Recognition Award.


Each year public water systems that are maintaining an exceptional Cross-Connection Control Program, protecting their distribution system from contamination, may be recognized by the TCEQ. This award heralds the effort, dedication and contribution public water suppliers make to the state and to protecting the public health.


To be recognized for having an outstanding Cross-Connection Control Program, a PWS must meet these criteria:

  • Has successfully developed and implemented a cross-connection control program that includes these components:
    • Identify sources of potential contaminants and ensure that adequate protections against backflow or siphoning are in place, as required in Title 30 Texas Administrative Code 290.44(h) Exit the TCEQ.
    • Adopt a plumbing ordinance, plumbing regulations, or service agreement that prohibits cross connections and other unacceptable practices, as required in 30 TAC 290.46(i) Exit the TCEQ.
    • Has a program of completing customer service inspection (CSI) certificates on new construction, material improvements to existing private facilities, or any time the PWS has reason to believe that either a cross connection or another potential contaminant hazard exists, as required in 30 TAC 290.46(j) Exit the TCEQ.
  • During the 12 months prior to nomination, has:
    • ensured proper cross-connection control at all water treatment facilities
    • received no cross-connection control-related violations at these facilities
    • no Total Coliform Rule violations
    • been subject to no active enforcement actions
    • had a customer education program that educated customers about cross-connection control and backflow prevention

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Past Winners of the Outstanding Cross-Connection Control Program Award

  • City of Richmond
  • City of Universal City
  • City of Wylie
  • El Paso County Water Control and Improvement District No. 4
  • El Paso Water Utilities Public Service Board
  • Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 25

Congratulations to each of our winners!

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How Can My PWS Become Eligible for This Award?

  • To demonstrate successful implementation of a cross-connection control program, include these items in the nomination package:
    • a copy of the most recently completed backflow prevention assembly test and maintenance report form
    • a list of all backflow prevention assemblies installed to provide protection from health hazards, with the dates of the annual tests of these assemblies
    • a copy of the adopted plumbing ordinance, plumbing regulations, or service agreement
    • a copy of most recently completed CSI certificate.
  • To demonstrate that a customer education program has been in place for the previous 12 months, include an accurate description of that program.

If you have questions about this award or what you can do to ensure that your water system qualifies in the future, contact our Cross Connection Control Program.

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