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Innovative or Proactive Water System Award

Criteria for this award program, previous award recipients, how to qualify for this award, and the link to the application form.

This award recognizes public water systems (PWS) that have used creative and effective ways to improve their operations, achieve compliance, or better serve their customers.


For a public water system to be recognized as an Innovative or Proactive System, the system must meet at least one of these criteria:

  • Developed a new method of resolving an existing problem within water operations.
  • Resolved an operation issue through its own recognizance.
  • Developed an innovative approach to enhance safety operations.
  • Used a new technology or operating process that resulted in achieving potable water quality that exceeds federal and state requirements.
  • Took a proactive approach to public education or outreach.
  • Uses a new technology or operating process that resulted in potable water quality that exceeds federal and state requirements.
  • Have not received this award previously for the current proposed innovative technology or process.

Previous Award Recipients of the Innovative or Proactive Water System Award

  • Bexar Metropolitan Water District - Southside
  • Brazosport Water Authority (2017, 2019)
  • Brushy Creek Municipal Utility District
  • Canyon Regional Water Authority - Hays/Caldwell Water Treatment Plant
  • Canyon Regional Water Authority - Lake Dunlap Water Treatment Plant
  • City of Abilene
  • City of Bryan
  • City of Garland
  • City of Georgetown
  • City of Houston
  • City of Huntsville
  • City of Kerrville
  • City of Richmond (2017)
  • City of Sweetwater
  • City of Temple
  • El Paso Water Utilities Public Service Board
  • San Patricio Municipal Water District

Congratulations to each of these water systems!

How Can My PWS Become Eligible for This Award?

Be creative! Each of these systems came up with an innovative way to go beyond the minimum required action to resolve a problem they encountered or to meet a regulatory requirement. You might contact one of the systems recognized to see if their project inspires an idea you can use at your own water system.

Your water system might already have a program that qualifies it for this award. If you think so, complete an application for this award now or contact our Drinking Water Special Functions staff and ask to speak to the PWS Awards Recognition Program manager.