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Substantial Source Water Protection Program Implementation Award

This page lists the criteria for this award program, the previous award recipients, how to qualify for this award and the links to the application.

This award recognizes systems that have made substantial progress in implementing measures that protect their source water from contamination. 

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To be recognized for having substantially implemented a source water protection (SWP) plan, a community public water system (PWS) must meet these criteria:

  1. Completion of a SWP project in which these tasks were accomplished:
    • potential sources of contamination (PSOCs) identified in their source water susceptibility assessment (SWSA) were ground-truthed
    • best management practices (BMPs) for protecting the PWS’s water sources were recommended
  2. Has successfully implemented at least one of these BMPs:
    • Adoption of source water protection ordinances;
    • Adoption or existence of contingency plan;
    • Dedicated source water protection staff or staff dedicated to a watershed (or groundwater) protection plan;
    • Implementation of source water protection outreach and education;
    • Adoption of or participation in any source water protection BMPs that may be part of an adopted watershed (or groundwater) protection plan.
  3. No major violations or enforcement actions against the PWS during the recognition calendar year.
  4. Have not received this award in prior years.

Previous Award Recipients of the Substantial Source Water Protection Program Implementation Award

  • City of Houston
  • City of Marion
  • City of San Marcos
  • City of Schertz
  • City of Vernon
  • Cash Special Utility District
  • County Line WSC
  • Crystal Clear WSC
  • Diamond Pure Water Company
  • Granite Creek
  • Green Valley SUD
  • Gruene River
  • Meadow Woods
  • Oak Meadows
  • Pattison WSC (2017)
  • San Antonio Water System
  • Sierra West
  • Texas State University

Congratulations to each of these water systems!

How Can My PWS Become Eligible for This Award?

Start by completing a source water assessment (SWA). If you have already completed your SWA, begin implementing the recommended BMPs. For more information, review Source Water Assessment and Protection: What’s the Connection? or contact our Drinking Water Special Functions staff and ask to speak to a member of the Drinking Water Protection Team.

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