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Dry Cleaner Registration

Registration requirements for dry cleaners. Links to information about the Dry Cleaner Remediation Program.

Topics Under this Category

Dry Cleaner Fees
Schedule of solvent fees and annual registration fees to be paid by dry cleaners in Texas.
Find Registered Dry Cleaning Facilities and Drop Stations
Link to Web-based application to use to find out whether a dry-cleaning facility or drop station is registered with the TCEQ. And, if they are registered, whether they have opted out of the Dry Cleaning Environmental Remediation Fund. Distributors can find out the solvent fees to collect from each registered facility.
Requirements for Dry Cleaning Solvent Distributors
Information about reporting and fee-collection requirements for dry cleaning solvent distributors. Reporting form for reporting and submitting solvent fees collected.
Types of Dry Cleaning Certificates
Lists the types of dry cleaner registration certificates available and links to related forms and instructions.