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Tier II Chemical Reporting

Find out if and when your facility or business must report stored hazardous chemicals; what chemicals and storage thresholds must be reported and where; how to get training; and how to create, submit, and pay for reports.

New Requirements Starting January 2018:

October – December 2017:

Determine if Your Facility Must Report Chemicals

Am I Regulated: Tier II Chemical Storage Reporting
Find out if you need to report hazardous chemicals that you store at your facility based on types of chemicals and storage thresholds.
Hazardous Chemicals in Tier II Reporting If you store hazardous chemicals above the reporting threshold, you need to submit an annual Tier II report. There are several ways to determine if a chemical is hazardous.

Reporting Instructions and Guidelines

Reporting Steps
Follow these instructions to compile information; download the needed software; and create, submit, and pay for annual chemical inventory reports for your facility.
Step 1: Find Types of Reports and Their Deadlines
Step 2: Get Tier II Program, Customer, and Regulated Entity Numbers
Step 3: Software for Chemical Inventory Reporting
Step 4: Learn How to Create a Tier II Report
Step 5: Submit Your Report
Step 6: Calculate and Pay Fees