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Tier II Chemical Reporting Steps

If you have determined that your facility must submit annual chemical inventory reports, follow these instructions to create a STEERS account; as well as beginning , submitting, and paying for Tier II reports.

Step 1: Types of Reports and Their Deadlines

Find out what types of Tier II reports you must submit, and the associated fees and deadlines.

Step 2: Setting Up STEERS

Getting access to the new Tier II Online Reporting System and validating your identity.

Step 3: Tier II Core Data

How to obtain Tier II program numbers (TXT2), customer numbers (CN), and regulated entity numbers (RN) that you need for your report.

Step 4: Tier II Reporting

Guides on how to create a Tier II report using TCEQ’s STEERS.

Step 5: Paying Fees

Information on how filing fees are calculated for your Tier II chemical report.

Step 6: Accessing & Submitting Reports

Instructions on creating electronic and paper file formats, and requirements on where to send them.