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Step 6: Accessing Submitted Reports

This is the sixth of six reporting steps. Where and how to access submitted Tier II Reports.

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Where do I Submit my Tier II Report?

In addition to completing your reports using the Tier II Online Reporting System you are required to submit initial, annual, and update Tier II reports to all of the following:

*Your local fire department and LEPC have final say on which format they would prefer you to submit your facility reports in.

Accessing FTPS through Tier II Online Reporting System

  • Copies of your report can be exported from the Tier II Online Reporting System using the TCEQ FTPSExit the TCEQ.
  • Reports can be exported as either a printable PDF or as a Zip file that is compatible with the EPA Tier2Submit software.

Tier II User Guide STEERS TCEQ FTPSExit the TCEQ

Follow along with the screenshots below to access the FTP from your STEERS account. Use the arrows (    )  to navigate to the next step.