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Step 5: Paying Fees

This is the fifth of six reporting steps. Examples and instructions for owners or operators of facilities in calculating the total filing fee that will be billed after submitting a Tier II Initial or Annual Report.

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Are there fees and where is my invoice?

Tier II User Guide

    • All Tier II facilities are required to pay a reporting fee, except federal facilities.
    • ePay is the TCEQ's online payment application.
    • Payments should be made when submitting Annual or Initial Tier II Reports.

* State agencies and public colleges may request an invoice for an interagency transfer voucher (ITV) from the Tier II Program.

How much do I pay?

Fees are determined by your North American Industrial Classification System code and categorized into two categories of facilities. They are then based on the number of chemicals per facility.

Fees are calculated and billed automatically by the Tier II Online Reporting Program, but you can use the following fee calculators to determine your hypothetical balance.

Calculate your fees by the type of facility you operate:

* Does your NAICS code begin with a 31, 32, or 33? If so, you are a manufacturer.

NAICS Code Search Exit the TCEQ

Fee Schedule for types of facilities and information on fee consolidation

How do I pay my fees?

Payments are due following the submission of a report, and balances can be accessed from ePay's website. A customer that does not pay the fee through ePay will be sent a mailed invoice.

Payment Addresses:

Cashiers Office

Cashiers Office, MC 214
Tier II Program
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
PO Box 13088
Austin, Texas 78711-3088

Cashiers physical address

Cashiers Office, Bldg. A, 3rd Floor
Tier II Program
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
12100 Park 35 Circle
Austin, Texas 78753