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Step 4: How to Create a Tier II Report

This is the fourth step of six reporting steps. Learn how to create a Tier II report using the online Tier II reporting system.

Create a new Tier II report

There are four types of Tier II reports that can be created through the Tier II Online Reporting System:

  • Annual Report- Every owner/operator is required by statute to submit an annual Tier II Account Report for all their Facilities that store Tier II reportable chemicals. These Annual Reports are currently submitted between January 1st and March 1st.
  • Initial Report- If a Facility starts to store a new chemical or an owner/operator obtains a new Facility, they must submit an Initial Report within 90-days of custody.
  • Update Report- If an owner/operator just needs to make changes to their existing chemical, contact, or some facility data, they can submit an Update Report.
  • Deficiency Corrections- After a Tier II Account Report is submitted by the owner/operator, the TCEQ staff reviews the report. If errors or deficiencies are found, the staff creates a Deficiency Correction report that the account operator will need to complete by addressing the noted deficiencies.

Navigating the Tier II Online Reporting System

Tier II User Guide STEERS

Completing a Draft Account Report

Important information The Tier 2 Reporting application is optimized to work in the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

Follow along with the screenshots below to Create a Draft Report with your STEERS account. Use the arrows ( ) to navigate to the next step.

UPDATE Note: If you are receiving the error message: "You are not actively associated with any Tier II Access Roles", this means that you have not received secondary approval to access the Customer Number you requested access to in STEERS.

  • If you selected the Owner/Operator role then you will need to be approved by the TCEQ, and will receive an email once your access has been approved.
  • If you selected the Authorized Representative role you will need to be granted access by the current holder of the Owner/Operator role.
  • See if there is currently anyone holding the Owner/Operator role by following the steps on Checking Who Has Access to a CN in Tier 2 Reporting .

Parts of a Tier II Report

  • Facility tab- This is where the Facility details are maintained, including the Physical Location and Mailing Address.
  • Chemicals tab- This is where the Chemical Data for that Facility is maintained, including potential site plans.
  • Contacts tab- This is where the contacts for that Facility are maintained.

Search and Manage Tier II Reports

Facility Search- Search for facilities affiliated with your Customer Number (CN).

Report Search- Search for active draft reports or past submitted reports.

Follow along with the screenshots below to see an example of how to search for past Tier II Reports and facility information with your STEERS account. Use the arrows ( ) to navigate to the next step.

If you have a new facility that has not been registered with the TCEQ, or have assumed the operation of a facility not associated to your Tier II Account, it will not show up under the Facility Search or list of Existing Facilities when creating a draft report. You must go through Tier II Core Data to associate these facilities to your Tier II Account.

Required Deficiency Corrections will show up in a Report Search as a Deficiency Correction Report (See page 167 in the Tier II User Guide).

Submitted Reports

Accessing and Submitting Reports: Guidance on where to send your reports.

  • Submitted reports can be found under the List All function on the Account Search page.
  • Your submitted report will be reviewed by TCEQ staff and you will receive an email notice letting you know of any deficiencies.

*Note: Facilities submitted in separate reports will not qualify for fee consolidation when submittal fees are calculated.

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