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Step 1: Types of Tier II Reports and Timelines

This is the first of six reporting steps. Find out what types of Tier II reports you must submit, and associated fees and deadlines.

Annual Reports:

File each year between Jan. 1st –March 1st for the previous calendar year.
Fee required

Initial Reports:

File within the following time limits when there is a new reportable chemical onsite or a new facility has begun operating:

  • New hazardous chemicals or new facility: 90 days
  • Ammonium Nitrate*Exit the TCEQ used in fertilizer: 72 hours

Fee required

Updated Reports:

File when you need to submit significant new information on a previously reported chemical:

No fee required

*Ammonium nitrate means ammonium salt of nitric acid that contains more than 33 percent nitrogen, one-half of which is the 50 ammonium form and one-half of which is the nitrate form. Does not include urea.