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Step 2: Setting Up STEERS

This is the second of six reporting steps. The numbers you need for your Tier II report include Tier II Program numbers (TXT2), customer numbers (CN) and regulated entity numbers (RN).

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The Tier 2 Chemical Reporting Program requires all reports to be submitted using the State of Texas Environmental Electronic Reporting System (STEERS). If you do not already have an account you will need to create one.

Tier II User Guide STEERS

  • Login to STEERS to access your account, or to create a new one.
  • STEERS will be used to manage Tier II program numbers, create and submit Tier II reports, and generate copies of facility reports.
  • For more information on using STEERS to obtain Tier II ID numbers see our Tier II Core Data page.

Follow along with the screenshots below to create a new STEERS account. Use the arrows ( ) to navigate to the next step.

Once you have followed these steps to create your account you will receive an email with a link to set your STEERS account password.

Gaining Access to Tier II Program Areas

You will need to gain STEERS access to Tier II Core Data and Tier II Reporting.

  • Tier II Reporting is used access the new Tier II Online Reporting System.
  • Your CN must be affiliated to your TXT2 number to request access to the Tier II Reporting application. Use the Tier II Core Data application to make this affiliation or to generate a TXT2 number. See Step 3: Tier II Core Data for details.
  • Tier II Core Data is used to create applications for new Customer Numbers, TXT2 Numbers, and Regulated Entity Numbers; as well affiliating existing RNs to your CN.

Part of this process involves assigning your level of authority on the account and verifying your identity through the use of the STEERS Participation Agreement.

Checking Who Has Access to a CN in Tier 2 Reporting

Prior to submitting your STEERS Participation Agreement after requesting access to a CN as either the Owner/Operator or Authorized Representative role you can check to see who has requested access to that account by pressing the Who Else Has Access button found on your Tier II Reporting ID List page. This page can be accessed by selecting the My Account button from the STEERS Home Page and clicking on the Tier II Reporting program area under the STEERS Access section.

If someone is already listed as the Owner/Operator, your request to claim this role will overwrite their access and remove their ability to access the Tier 2 Reporting application for this CN.

View Who Else has Access to Tier II Reporting IDs

Setting Permission Levels

Different permission levels give different levels of authority to the User's STEERS account and the associated program areas.

Tier II Core Data: Tier II ePermits- Read Only, Edit, Preparer, Sign.

Access Type View Create/Delete Modify/Pay Submit Sign
Tier II ePermits Read Only Yes No No No No
Tier II ePermits Edit Yes Yes Yes No No
Tier II ePermits Preparer Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Tier II ePermits Sign Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Tier II Reporting: Tier II Reporting- Authorized Representative or Owner/Operator.

Access Type View Edit Sign & Submit Authorize Representative**
Authorized Representative Yes Yes Yes No
Owner/Operator* Yes Yes Yes


*The Owner/Operator role can only be held by one account. Applying for this role will overwrite the access of whomever currently holds it.

**Requesting the Authorized Representative permission level will require whomever holds the Owner/Operator role to sign in and authorize your access.

The Read Only role is not functional and will not grant access to the Tier II Reporting application.

STEERS Participation Agreement (SPA)

Once you have gained STEERS access to the required program areas you will need to complete a STEERS Participation Agreement.

  • The SPA is used to confirm the identity of the person requesting access. It can be signed electronically with a valid Texas Drivers License (CDL's not accepted), or a paper copy can be mailed in.
  • You can access the SPA from the Account Summary page of your STEERS account.
  • Following your submission of a properly filled out SPA you will need to wait to be granted access by TCEQ staff.
  • Any major changes made to your account following the signing of the SPA will require an additional SPA to be submitted.


The Tier II Online Reporting System integrates the TCEQ FTPs, allowing for the transfer of large files. You will need to create and affiliate a FTP account through STEERS if you want to download copies of your Tier II Reports.

See the Accessing & Submitting page for information on using the FTP to download copies of your Tier II Reports.