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Municipal Liquid Waste: Am I Regulated?

Overview of the various ways that liquid wastes are regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Links to other Web pages with more specific information on each related regulatory program.


If you generate liquid waste, it is your responsibility to ensure that your waste is properly handled and disposed.

If you transport, or accept for transfer, processing, or disposal liquid waste from a municipal source, you will need to notify the TCEQ and may need to obtain a permit or registration. In addition, limitations on storage may apply, depending on the type of operation.

Liquid waste from municipal sources includes grit-trap waste, grease-trap waste, septic-tank pumpage, domestic septage, chemical toilet waste, municipal wastewater treatment plant sludge, other types of domestic sewage treatment plant sludge, and water-supply treatment plant sludge.

If you are handling an oily water mixture from an oil-water separator, contact the Used Oil Recycling Program to find out if you need a separate authorization.

For More Information

Please contact the Municipal Solid Waste Permits Section if you have questions about the transfer, processing, storage, or disposal of municipal liquid waste.