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Agriculture Stakeholder Group

Meeting schedule, agendas, minutes of past meetings, and related information for this voluntary group that meets several times a year to discuss issues such as implementation of and compliance with water quality rules for agriculture.

Participating in the Agriculture Stakeholder Group

The Agriculture Stakeholder Group is open to the public. Anyone who is interested in agriculture rules and regulations may attend and participate in Agriculture Stakeholder Group meetings.

This group currently has representation from consulting firms, agricultural industry, engineering firms, environmental organizations and government entities.

Upcoming Meeting

The most recent meeting of the Agricultre Stakeholder Group was held September 5, 2012. No additional meetings are scheduled at this time.

New InformationSummaries and Handouts from Past Meetings

09/05/12 AgendaAdobe Acrobat PDF Document PDFAdobe Acrobat PDF Document / PDFAdobe Acrobat PDF Document / PDFAdobe Acrobat PDF Document
03/17/09 SummaryAdobe Acrobat PDF Document
03/05/09 SummaryAdobe Acrobat PDF Document
03/28/08 AgendaAdobe Acrobat PDF Document SummaryAdobe Acrobat PDF Document

If the information you need is not in this table, check our archive of information from all past Agriculture Stakeholder Group meetings.

Staff Contact

For more information or to suggest topics for meetings, call our main Water Quality Division line, 512/239-4671.