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Publicly Owned Treatment Works without Approved Pretreatment Programs

Determining if elements of a pretreatment program make sense for your POTW. Changing conditions that might require you to develop a pretreatment program. Options for POTWs when pretreatment is not required.

Featured Items

Who Must Develop an Approved Wastewater Pretreatment Program? And How?

Who must and how to develop an approved pretreatment program for a POTW.

What Is "Wastewater Pretreatment?"

Definition of wastewater pretreatment and what it encompasses.

Topics Under this Category

CIUs in Non-approved Pretreatment Programs and Their Reports

Certain industries are required to submit their reports to the TCEQ when they discharge to a POTW without an approved pretreatment program or when they discharge directly to waters of the State.

If You Do Not Have an Approved Pretreatment Program and the TCEQ Discovers Problems

Possible requirements of (POTWs) for a non-approved TPDES wastewater pretreatment program if there are problems.

New Pretreatment Program Development

Citation in 40 CFR and milestones for development of pretreatment programs by POTWs.