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Industrial Wastewater Discharges: Am I Regulated?

Brief explanation of how to determine whether a facility must obtain an individual industrial wastewater permit. Links to relevant information.

Every facility that discharges wastewater must be permitted.

IF you don't want to be covered by or don't qualify for a general permit and have an industrial facility that...

  • discharges wastewater into water in the stateExit the TCEQ

  • OR disposes of wastewater adjacent to waters in the state by irrigation, evaporation or subsurface disposal

  • OR does both

THEN you must obtain an individual industrial wastewater permit.

Contact us if you have questions.

Implementation of the Federal Clean Water Act 316(b) Cooling Water Intake Structure rules: a second stakeholder meeting to discuss progress in implantation is scheduled for Thursday, April 7, 2016 at 1:30 PM, TCEQ Austin Texas, Building F, Room 2210.

September 2015 Stakeholder meeting: