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Water Quality Permits for Agriculture

Permits and other authorizations required for animal feeding operations, concentrated animal feeding operations, and other agricultural operations.

Topics Under this Category

Agriculture Stakeholder Group
Meeting schedule, agendas, minutes of past meetings, and related information for this voluntary group that meets several times a year to discuss issues such as implementation of and compliance with water quality rules for agriculture.
Tips for Completing Water Quality Permit Applications
Helpful information about water quality and wastewater permits. Deficiencies we find frequently during administrative review.
Water Quality General Permits Authorization and Application Query
Check the status of permits or applications covered under water quality general permits.
Water Quality Individual Permit Applications Query
Check the status of an application for a water quality individual permit.
Water Quality Individual Permit for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
Information on obtaining an individual permit for the operation of a concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) in Texas. Links to permit application.