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PST Forms and Guidance

PST Forms and Guidance

Forms and guidance for leaking PSTs include:

Contact the Remediation Division, Petroleum Storage Tank/Dry Cleaner Remediation Program Section, at 512-239-2200 for more information about PST release reporting, assessment, and remediation, or to obtain PST program documents not available on this page.


IOMs describe new policies, changes to existing policies or guidance, new legislation, new human health risk assessment information, etc.

  • July 31, 2003, Sample Handling and Preservation Procedures; Collection Procedures for Groundwater Samples Adobe Acrobat PDF Document (IOM-073103). Reiterates standard industry procedures for proper collection, handling and custody of environmental samples, which apply to all samples collected under any TCEQ Remediation Division program (e.g., PST Program, Corrective Action, Voluntary Cleanup Program). Outlines a new custody procedure that must be followed when samples will not be received by the laboratory within two (2) days of sample collection. Brief discussion of previously issued TCEQ guidance ("Consistency Memorandum" Adobe Acrobat PDF Document, July 23, 1998) on low-flow groundwater collection and filtering.
  • November 12, 2001, LPST Program Corrective Action Deadlines Effective September 1, 2001 (IOM-111201). HB 2912Exit the TCEQ (the TCEQ "Sunset" bill) and HB 2687Exit the TCEQ, both enacted by the 77th Texas Regular Legislative Session of 2001, impose new corrective action, annual reporting, and reimbursement deadlines on certain LPST sites and also extend the life of the Petroleum Storage Tank Remediation (PSTR) fund through August 31, 2006. The new statutory deadlines apply to all LPST sites where the release was reported to the agency on or before December 22, 1998, whether corrective action costs are eligible for reimbursement or not.
    • A mass mailout discussing the new legislation and new deadlines was prepared and mailed to over 5000 responsible parties (RPs) November 12, 2001. Included in the mailout package was a cover letter Adobe Acrobat PDF Document, a guidance document Adobe Acrobat PDF Document (which included a summary table of applicable PST Program guidance documents and forms), and a Not the RP form Adobe Acrobat PDF Document. A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Adobe Acrobat PDF Document was also available.
    • The form in the mailout packet is to be filled out only by persons believing that they received the mailout in error, either because they are not the RP, or there is a different point of contact for the RP. RPs that believe they are financially unable to complete the necessary corrective actions at their sites, are advised to contact the PST Responsible Party Remediation section (e-mail or phone 512-239-2200) to request a State-Lead packet.
  • May 18, 2001, Guidelines for Sampling Domestic Water Wells for Petroleum Storage Tank Contaminants Adobe Acrobat PDF Document (IOM-051801). Provides general guidelines for collecting representative water samples from domestic water wells.
  • January 10, 2001, Standard Operating Procedure for Evaluation of Costs of Sampling & Analysis of Groundwater Samples for Monitor Wells with Water Levels Above the Top of the Wellscreen Adobe Acrobat PDF Document (IOM-011001). Explains reimbursement eligibility for groundwater samples collected from monitoring wells screened above and below the top of the water table.
  • February 23, 1998, Preapproval Costs for Groundwater Monitoring of RNA Parameters Adobe Acrobat PDF Document (IOM-022398). Future groundwater monitoring workplans should clearly state the indicator data. Workplans should also clearly identify which data, if any, will be obtained through laboratory analysis rather than field methods. Outlines allowable costs for this activity.
  • Attachment 2 (Chemical/Physical Properties Table) Adobe Acrobat PDF Document
    • References Adobe Acrobat PDF Document - The reference file goes with the Attachment 2 (Chemical/Physical Properties Table).
  • April 29, 1997, Interim Guidance1: Monitoring Natural Attenuation for Verification of Groundwater Plume Stability Adobe Acrobat PDF Document (IOM-042997). Based on a paper by McAllister, P.M., and Chiang, C.Y., 1994, A Practical Approach to Evaluating Natural Attenuation of Contaminants in Ground Water, in Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation, V.14, pp. 161-173.


Regulatory Guidance (RGs)

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