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PST Forms and Guidance

PST Forms and Guidance

Forms and guidance for leaking PSTs include:

Contact the Remediation Division, Petroleum Storage Tank/Dry Cleaner Remediation Program Section, at 512-239-2200 for more information about PST release reporting, assessment, and remediation, or to obtain PST program documents not available on this page.


IOMs describe new policies, changes to existing policies or guidance, new legislation, new human health risk assessment information, etc.


Regulatory Guidance (RGs)

  • RG-36, Risk-Based Corrective Action for Leaking Petroleum Storage Tank Sites (PDF), is being updated and is currently unavailable. Once the updates are complete, the document will be made available for download..
  • RG-411, Investigating and Reporting Releases from Petroleum Storage Tanks (PSTs) (August 2012), has been revised to remove references to the Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP) rule and to update Table 1 to reflect current action levels. The investigation and sampling requirements established in RG-411 remain the same.
  • New Information RG-523/PST-06, Groundwater Monitoring and Reporting for LPST Sites (June 2014). This document contains guidelines for registered corrective action specialists and licensed corrective action project managers on groundwater monitoring and reporting for leaking petroleum storage tank sites in Texas.

LPST Action Levels and Target Levels

PST Program QAPP