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Leaking Petroleum Storage Tank Cleanups

Cleanups of contamination caused by spills, leaks, or other releases of petroleum substances or hazardous substances from regulated underground and aboveground storage tanks.
2021 Public Record Summary Information on Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)

View or download a summary of data on equipment failures, releases, and compliance with environmental regulations at UST sites in Texas.

About the PST Responsible Party Lead Program

Information on the mission and legal authority of the leaking petroleum storage tank program.

Correspondence Look Up Table

Glossary of Terms Used in the Correspondence Column

Find Contractors to Clean up Leaking Petroleum Storage Tanks

How to use the "Search Licensing or Registration Information" Web page to find registered companies or licensed individuals to perform corrective action at sites with leaking petroleum storage tanks. Corrective action includes measures to deal with the leaking tanks and measures necessary to clean up the surrounding soils and groundwater.

Find Contractors to Install or Remove Underground Storage Tanks

How to use the "Search Licensing or Registration Information" Web page to find contractors who are registered to install, repair, maintain, or remove petroleum storage tanks.

Descriptive List of Communication Types
Glossary of terms used in the action column when searching the LPST database

PST Forms and Guidance

PST Forms and Guidance

PST Program News

All the latest news and developments in the Petroleum Storage Tank (PST) program are posted on this page.

UST Facility Class A and Class B Operator Training Courses

Information regarding approved providers offering UST Operator Training courses.