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Find Contractors to Clean up Leaking Petroleum Storage Tanks

How to use the "Search Licensing or Registration Information" Web page to find registered companies or licensed individuals to perform corrective action at sites with leaking petroleum storage tanks. Corrective action includes measures to deal with the leaking tanks and measures necessary to clean up the surrounding soils and groundwater.

Our Compliance Support Division maintains a web page that allows you to search for companies that are properly registered and individuals who are properly licensed to perform corrective action at sites with leaking petroleum storage tanks (LPSTs).

  1. Click “Group Search Criteria.”
  2. Ignore the dropdown box labeled “Program.”
  3. Under “Type and Level,” find and select the type of professional you need:
    • If you need an RCAS (registered corrective action specialist), select “LPST Corrective Action Specialist.” An RCAS is a company, often an environmental consulting firm, that has registered with us to conduct corrective action activities—for example, to sample soil and groundwater, or to design and implement remediation—at LPST sites.
    • If you need a CAPM (corrective action project manager), select “LPST Project Manager.” A CAPM is an individual who has been licensed by us to conduct or supervise corrective action activities (see RCAS above) at LPST sites. A CAPM must also either be a sole proprietorship who is registered as an RCAS or work for a firm that is registered as an RCAS.
  4. If it is important to you to find RCASs or CAPMs who are located near your facility, use the “City,” “County,” or “TCEQ Region” dropdown box to focus on that geographic area. (ZIP code searches are not particularly helpful. They work only if you enter all five digits, and they give you a list of companies or individuals whose address is in that ZIP code.)
  5. Leave the other dropdown boxes in the search form alone.
  6. At the bottom of the form, click “Search.”

If you’re ready, search now.

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