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Station Information and Data by River Basin

Find data for continuous water quality monitoring stations, data collection summaries for stations, locations of monitoring stations, and photographs of these monitoring stations by Texas river basin.

Data from these monitors are not instantaneously available, but are posted on the website as soon as the data are received and processed. The data are provisional until validated by agency staff.

To navigate from this page, select a river basin from the list below.

Angelina-Neches River Basin

Pine Island Bayou C749

Lake Palestine C766

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Brazos River Basin

Greens Creek C701

North Bosque River at Clifton C704 

Leon River at Gatesville C703

Resley Creek C704

Lake Whitney C723

Possum Kingdom C724

North Bosque River at SH6 C725

Scarborough Creek C726

Little Duffau Creek C728

North Bosque River at Coopers Crossing C742

Lake Granbury C748

North Bosque River at Valley Mills C762

Tributary to Little Duffau Creek C765

Tributary to Green's Creek C804

Indian Creek C805

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Colorado River Basin

Lake Austin Low Water Crossing C705

Lake Austin Quinlan Park C706

Beals Creek C716

Colorado River Pump Station C717

Onion Creek at Low Water Dam C727

North Concho River at Koenigheim C743

North Concho River at South Oakes C744

Onion Creek at Antioch Cave C770

North Concho River at Celebration Bridge C773

Noyes Canal near Menard C802

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Cypress Creek Basin

Caddo Lake at Mid-Lake C707

Caddo Lake at Upper Mid-Lake C708

Big Cypress Bayou C787

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Guadalupe River Basin

Sandies Creek at Cheapside Drive C732

Geronimo Creek at SH123 C741

Jacobs Well C745

Plum Creek C763

Cypress Creek near Wimberly C797

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Upper Rio Grande Basin

Pecos River near Coyanosa C709

Rio Grande near Courchesne C718

Rio Grande near Fort Quitman C719

Rio Grande downstream of Santa Elena Canyon C803

Rio Grande at Castolon C720

Rio Grande at Rio Grande Village C721

Pecos River at Brotherton Ranch C729 

Pecos River near Sheffield C735 

Rio Grande upstream of Presidio C757

Rio Grande downstream of Presidio C758

Rio Grande at Fosters Ranch C759

Independence Creek at Independence Creek Preserve C764 

Devils River at Bakers Crossing C768

Pecos River near Girvin C785 

Pecos River near Red Bluff NM C788 

Pecos River near Orla C798

Pecos River near Langtry C799 

San Solomon Springs at Balmorhea State Park C808

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Lower Rio Grande Basin

Rio Grande at Anzalduas Dam C736

Anzalduas Reservoir at Hardwicke C737

Rio Grande at Roma C767

Rio Grande at Shuford Farms C781

Rio Grande at Margo Farms C782

Rio Grande at Harlingen ID C789

Rio Grande at United ID C791

Rio Grande at Hidalgo ID #18 C792

Rio Grande at HC&CC ID#9 C793

Rio Grande downstream of Rio San Juan C795

Rio Grande downstream of Arroyo Los Olmos C796

Rio Grande near Rio Bravo C800

Rio Grande near Eagle Pass C801

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Rio Grande–Nueces Coastal Basin

Arroyo Colorado Rio Hondo C730

Petronila Creek at FM70 C731

Arroyo Colorado Llano Grande C738

Arroyo Colorado at Arroyo City C739

Arroyo Colorado at Valley View C740

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Wichita River Basin

Wichita River upstream of RO C746

Wichita River downstream of RO C747

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Cow Creek Groundwater Conservation District

Cordillera Ranch Well C775

Spring Creek Estates Well C776

Twin Canyon Ranch Well C777

Rust Road Well C778

City of Boerne Well C779

Kendall County Utilities at Mission Well C780

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South Texas Groundwater Conservation District

O'Brien Well C750

Kozielski Well C751

Bauer Well C752

Fox Well C753

Hartman Well C754

Dohmann Well C755

Geffert Well C756 

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San Antonio River Basin

Medina River near Macdona C711

San Antonio River at Witte Museum C712

Leon Creek at IH35 C713

Medina River at San Antonio C714

San Antonio at Elmendorf C715

Leon Creek at SH90 C722

Salado Creek at Los Patios C760

Medina River at Applewhite C769

Hollywood Park C744

Medio Creek at Pearsall C783

Medina River at LaCoste C784

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San Jacinto River Basin

W San Jacinto River at IH45 C771

W San Jacinto River at SH105 C772

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San Jacinto–Brazos Coastal Basin

Dickinson Bayou C733

Armand Bayou C744

Clear Creek at Mykawa C761

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