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Nonpoint Source Program

Cleans up and prevents water pollution caused by runoff from urban and other nonagricultural nonpoint sources

The Nonpoint Source Management Team plans and implements activities that prevent or abate urban and other nonagricultural nonpoint source pollution in Texas waters.Partnering with you to restore and protect Texas rivers, lakes, and bays.

Nonpoint Source Web Viewer

HOT TCEQ Nonpoint Source Viewer just added - See our new interactive mapping application for Texas watershed plans and projectsExit the TCEQ which are protecting and restoring specific rivers, lakes, and bays.

To receive notices of Nonpoint Source Program grant solicitations and other updates, go to the TCEQ Subscriber PageExit the TCEQ and request News from the Nonpoint Source Program.

The Texas State Soil and Water Conservation BoardExit the TCEQ administers Section 319(h) grant funds for agricultural and silvicultural projects in Texas.

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Please e-mail us at or call 512-239-6682.