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Projects to Prevent or Reduce Nonpoint Source Pollution in Texas Waterways

Information about projects funded under the Clean Water Act Section 319(h) Nonpoint Source Pollution Grant

What is a Nonpoint Source Pollution (NPS) Project?

TCEQ’s NPS Program administers projects that prevent or reduce nonpoint source pollution using funds awarded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under Section 319(h) of the federal Clean Water Act (CWA). These grant-funded projects operate within a limited time period and must address the objectives, goals, and/or priorities identified in the most recent Texas NPS Management Program.

How Are NPS Projects Awarded and Funded?

EPA awards CWA Section 319(h) grant funds annually to TCEQ and to the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board (for agricultural and silvicultural projects only). TCEQ uses most of the funds to partially reimburse the cost of projects performed by sub-grantees. Sub-grantees may be state agencies, local governments, other subdivisions of the state, or nonprofit organizations. TCEQ awards 319(h) grant funds through a competitive application process. Visit TCEQ's NPS Grant Program page for more information about how to apply for funds, eligibility, and funding priorities.

List of NPS Implementation Projects

The following list, organized by project status and watershed, contains links to individual implementation project webpages, which provide location, background information, and details about project activities. Watersheds with multiple implementation projects have a single webpage describing all projects.

Information about watershed protection plan (WPP) development projects can be found at the NPS WPP webpage.

Projects listed with asterisks (*) are stand-alone projects not associated with a WPP.

Active Projects

Projects without links have pages that are still under construction. Check back soon!

Arroyo Colorado Low Impact Development in Houston*
Attoyac Bayou Lower Nueces River
Big Elm Creek Nolan Creek
Brady Creek North Concho River*
Community Gardens in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area Oso Bay/Oso Creek*
Coastal Zone Septic System Remediation* Petronilla & San Fernando Creeks
Dry Comal Creek & Comal River Shoal Creek
Education & Outreach in Small Coastal Cities Sims Bayou*
Highland & Bastrop Bayous Texas Stream Team Volunteer Monitoring Program
Healthy Lawns Healthy Waters Education Program Urban Riparian and Steam Restoration Training Program
Joe Pool Lake & Village Creek-Lake Arlington Village Creek-Lake Arlington
Lampasas River West Lake Houston Basin
Lavon Lake

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Recently Completed Projects

Bastrop & Double Bayous Mission & Aransas Rivers
Cypress Creek Plum Creek
Geronimo & Alligator Creeks Tres Palacios Creek
Lavaca River Upper San Antonio River
Leon River Upper San Marcos River
Lower Laguna Madre (South) & Brownsville Ship Channel

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Legacy Projects

Webpages are retired once an NPS Project has been closed for more than five years. For more information on the following implementation projects please email us at

Bastrop Bayou – septic system remediation
Carters Creek – water quality monitoring
City of Austin* – lawn and garden education
Clear Creek – low impact development (LID)
Colorado River* – remediating sources of excessive salts; pathogen movement
North Bosque & Leon Rivers* – composting manure pilot project
Spring Lake* – composting to control water hyacinth
Dickinson Bayou* – LID and septic system remediation
Galveston Bay – LID
Gilleland Creek* – best management practice (BMP) effectiveness study
Guadalupe-Blanco River* – water quality monitoring
Halls Bayou-Westfield Estates – BMP installation
Hickory Creek – BMP installation
Lake Granbury – education, outreach, and water quality monitoring
Lake Houston – constructed wetland
LID Workshops*
North Bosque* – water quality monitoring
Quarry BMP Guide*
Quarry Erosion Control*
Rio Grande, Pecos, & North Bosque Rivers* – water quality monitoring
Tule Creek West* – BMP installation and effectiveness monitoring
Upper Cibolo Creek – education & outreach and waterfowl management
Upper Guadalupe River* – avian management and septic system education
Upper Trinity River* – LID
Whiteoak Bayou* – LID 
WPP Development Workshops

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Projects of the TMDL Program

For More Information

For more information, contact the NPS Program by email at, or call 512-239-6682.

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