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North Concho River: Bank Stabilization

A project to stabilize a 2,000-foot section of the banks of the North Concho River to reduce erosion, sedimentation, and bacteria and increase dissolved oxygen levels in the river.


The North Concho River does not meet water quality standards because of low dissolved oxygen and elevated bacteria levels. The urban portion of the river through San Angelo consists of a series of in-channel reservoirs retained by dams.

Due to poor water quality and frequent fish kills, this portion of the river has been the focus of several nonpoint source (NPS) pollution management projects, including stakeholders' development of the Concho River Watershed Protection Plan (WPP)  led by the Upper Concho River Authority.

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Project Description

This project implemented a portion of the WPP by installing bank stabilization features along a 2,000-foot section of the river. The construction work to stabilize the bank has been completed; re-establishing a permanent, stable vegetation cover is under way.

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For More Information

To find out more about the NPS Program, call 512-239-6682 or e-mail us at

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