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Texas Integrated Report of Surface Water Quality

The Texas Integrated Report evaluates the quality of surface waters in the state and provides resource managers with a tool for making informed decisions when directing agency programs.

The Texas Integrated Report describes the status of Texas’ natural waters based on historical data and the extent to which they attain the Texas Surface Water Quality Standards.

The Texas Integrated Report satisfies the requirements of the federal Clean Water Act Sections 305(b) and 303(d). The TCEQ produces a new report every two years in even-numbered years, as required by law. The 303(d) List must be approved by the EPA before it is final.

An advisory group works with the TCEQ on biennial reviews of the Guidance for Assessing Texas Surface Water Quality. This guidance is included with each Integrated Report.

2020 Texas Integrated Report of Surface Water Quality

2020 Texas Integrated Report
The state's 2020 assessment of surface water quality was completed in March 2020. Waterways are assigned to various categories (1 through 5) depending on their attainment of the standards established to define and measure their quality.

2020 Texas 303(d) List Adobe Acrobat PDF Document
Category 5 of the Integrated Report
comprises the 303(d) List. The 303(d) list identifies those impaired waters for which the state plans to develop total maximum daily loads (TMDLs).

The 2020 Texas 303(d) List was approved for submission by the TCEQ on March 25, 2020. The Environmental Protection Agency approved the 2020 Texas 303(d) List on May 12, 2020.

2020 Index of All Impaired Waters Adobe Acrobat PDF Document
Categories 4 and 5 together comprise the list of all impaired waters.

  • Category 4 includes impaired waters for which TMDLs have already been adopted or for which other management strategies are underway to improve water quality.
  • Category 5 includes impaired waters for which TMDLs or other management strategies are planned.

Inventories and 303(d) Lists from Prior Years

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