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Surface Water Quality Assessment Advisory Work Group

Meeting notices, handouts, agendas, and attendees.

About the Advisory Group

This group advises the TCEQ on revisions to the Guidance for Assessing and Reporting Surface Water Quality. The Guidance is used to evaluate data and information for development of the Texas Integrated Report of Surface Water Quality for Clean Water Act Sections 305(b) and 303(d).

Meeting Summaries and Handouts

Meeting documents are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF Document unless otherwise noted.

2022 Assessment Guidance

November 17, 2020

  • Agenda
  • Summary of Changes to Spatial Information
  • Data Exclusions Due to Extreme High Flow – Overview of Current Practice and Discuss Potential Options for the 2022 IR
  • Texas Beach Watch Data and Assessment Methodology

2020 Assessment Guidance

May 20, 2019

2018 Assessment Guidance

August 24, 2018

2016 Assessment Guidance

July 27, 2015